Feasibility Studies

We have a direct line to the investigators and sites where the trial could be conducted. This gives us the ability to quickly and accurately pre-evaluate clinical protocols and to gauge important factors such as suitability to the region (and where in the region), recruitment potential, as well as to identify potential protocol-specific pitfalls and key success factors. Feasibility results are used to supplement our internal expertise enabling us to guide our Sponsors based on a combination of experience and empirical data.

ReSolution Latin America:

  1. Provides an initial expert assessment of each protocol for suitability and advises on the overall strategy that should be adopted.
  2. Evaluates the protocol with the relevant staff depending on therapeutic area, indication and product type.
  3. Prepares feasibility documentation along with questionnaires designed to obtain relevant information from potential investigators.
  4. Approaches potential investigators with details of the protocol and assessment questionnaires.
  5. Whether through a full Feasibility Report or through round-table discussions, provides the Sponsor with sound advice and direction on which the ultimate strategy is based.
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