Local/Regional Study Management Supervision

Get your study back on track

Latin America may seem far away to many Sponsors and it is sometimes difficult to gauge whether or not any progress is actually being made or even what level of priority your project is being given. If this is a concern, having a local third-party offering unbiased assessment of the situation, along with support, can be an attractive proposition.

ReSolution Latin America:

  1. Will assess the situation, gauging what aspects are working, which are not and what needs to happen to get the study back on track in order to avoid/minimize further delay.
  2. Will act as a nexus between the CRO and Sponsor supervising and, if appropriate, directing progress to ensure timelines are maintained and further pitfalls are avoided.
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Our involvement can vary from simple observation to full project management, an involvement which is also scalable according to actual (and evolving) need.