The ReSolution Investigator Network - ResNET

ReSolution Latin America has established privileged relationships with leading investigators in various therapeutic areas across the region.

At the same time, as the number of protocols implemented in the region continues to rise, many sites are nearing or even exceeding capacity. ReSolution Latin America is committed to expanding this list. With active search, and under an umbrella of training and quality, ReSNET is a continually expanding list.

Sites that participate in our Sponsors’ protocols are carefully evaluated for key aspects such as:

  1. Experience & expertise
  2. Resources & Facilities
  3. Commitment & enthusiasm
  4. IRB standards & approval timelines
  5. Competing studies
  6. Enrollment potential

Effective monitoring and intense site management, coupled with comprehensive Quality Assurance activities, ensure the highest standards of clinical research.

ReSolution Latin America is continually looking to expand our Investigator Network. If you are interested in participating in our Sponsors’ protocols, please click on the following link:

>>> Investigator Application Form

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